Elfen Lied – Epizoda 7

TV Sub Datum Izlaska Jul 29, 2020 · ? views · Postavio darkchief39 · Serije Elfen Lied

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Bando attacks Nana with heavy tungsten bullets. Unlike normal, lighter bullets, these can’t be deflected with vectors, and she is wounded. Nana says that she wants to be good, as her father advised her, and not fight. He responds that she will be unwelcome everywhere because of her horns, as humans born with horns, the result of a virus, are killed at birth. Nana and others were spared for research. She remembers that Kurama was ordered to kill her and wonders why she was born. Using her longer vectors, she pins Bando down, but is dealt a glancing blow by a bullet. The gun’s recoil breaks Bando’s prosthetic arm. Because she is bleeding, Nana cries for Papa. Bando and Nana realize that Lucy has injured them both, and they team up.
Kakuzawa reprimands Kurama, Shirakawa (Kurama’s second-in-command), and Shirakawa’s assistant, for letting Nana escape and for failing to find Lucy. Meanwhile, Nana, ignorant of the world outside the facility, doesn’t know what to do with the money she was given, and burns some of it. She enounters Mayu at the cemetery at which she almost died, and they become friends. Nana is brought back to Kohta’s home. Discovering Lucy (actually Nyu) in the home, Nana attacks her.


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